Same day crowns-CEREC®

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is used to, “Cap,” or cover a tooth that has been damaged. A dental crown strengthens damaged teeth and is used to improve the alignment, shape, and/or appearance of the tooth. Dental crowns are also used for dental implants providing a natural tooth-shaped structure for function and esthetics.

What is CEREC®?

CEREC®, which stands for Ceramic Reconstruction, is used to create metal free restorations for bridges, dental implants, inlays, onlays, dental veneers, and dental crowns. CEREC® eliminates the need for messy impressions. CEREC® has been phenomenal in changing the way the dental world looks at dental crowns.  

In the past, it could take three dental appointments to be fitted for a dental crown, but with 21st century dentistry techniques, you can have porcelain dental crowns in Vancouver in a single dental visit.

Much like a cosmetic denture, same day crowns from Ocean Front Dental are fashioned and created in house eliminating the usual wait time for conventional dental crowns.

What Can I Expect During My CEREC® Appointment?

Dr. Nick Seddon, General Dentist, will take digital pictures of the tooth or teeth that are to be crowned. Those pictures are fed into a computer to give the team a clear picture of the tooth enabling them to create a tooth-colored CEREC® Crown using CAD/CAM dentistry. Once your dentist in Vancouver is satisfied, the pictures are sent to the milling machine for manufacture. This process takes about 45 minutes. During this time, you are free to relax, watch TV, check out your social media pages, or catch up on email.

When your new cosmetic denture is ready, it will be checked for fit, color, and comfort. After your porcelain dental crowns have been fitted, the Vancouver team from Ocean Front Dental will cement into place.

CEREC® also makes dental veneers and other dental restorations.

Same Day Crowns are the convenient way to restore your smile in a single dental visit. Call or click and schedule your appointment with Ocean Front Dental for a no obligation CEREC® Crown consultation today.

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