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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal What you May Not Know

May 15, 2017

Wisdom teeth removal isn’t always necessary, however, if you experience pain or discomfort, you may need wisdom teeth removal.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt and are your third and fourth set of molars. Although some wisdom teeth are an asset, if yours are misaligned and causing problems, Dr. Nick Seddon, General Dentist, from Ocean Front Dental may recommend the removal of wisdom teeth.

Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?

Some people may have no wisdom teeth while others could have one or two, three or all four.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If your wisdom teeth are healthy, you may not need wisdom tooth removal, however, if you experience any of the following you may need to schedule an appointment with Ocean Front Dental.

  1. Cysts that form on or above the wisdom tooth eruption causing root or bone damage
  2. Partial wisdom teeth break through caused by crowded teeth
  3. Erupt crooked or in the wrong direction
  4. Problems with eruption through the gums
  5. Trouble cleaning because of crowding

Remove Wisdom Teeth or Not

The removal of wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth surgery may be needed if you:

  1. Experience pain or stiffness in your jaw
  2. Irritation or pain from a tooth erupting at the wrong angle
  3. Swelling or infection in the gum tissue flap
  4. Partial breath through of the gums
  5. Tooth crowding
  6. Gum disease or tooth decay from wisdom teeth eruption

Most people will have wisdom teeth pain between 15 and 25. People over 30 will usually not have impacted wisdom teeth and will not need wisdom teeth surgery.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth removal procedure, which involves removing wisdom teeth, is not difficult, however, if you have wisdom teeth that are impacted, grossly decayed or if you are over 30 you may experience a longer recovery time. Dr. Seddon, General Dentist, uses IV sedation to keep patients comfortable at all times during the wisdom tooth removal procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Time

In most cases, wisdom tooth removal recovery takes between three and four days. However, it can be as long as a week depending on how bad your teeth were impacted and how they erupted.

After the surgery, you will have some bleeding, bruising, swelling, and some soreness. You may also have pain when you open your mouth. Although it is rare, some patients who have had their wisdom teeth removed may suffer from dry socket.

If you would like more information regarding wisdom teeth removal or any other dental issue, call 604 408 1061 or click and schedule an appointment with Dr. Seddon, General Dentist, from Ocean Front Dental today.

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