Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Some patients may sometimes have so much destruction to their teeth due to wear, decay, acid erosion, tooth develop issues, or night-time grinding that we would need to look at restoring all of the teeth at once. This can be a fairly involved process, taking several appointments, but similar to the teeth-in-a-day process, it can again be life-changing. This can sometimes be the only option where we can restore your teeth to either the natural smile you used to have or perhaps even the smile you’ve never had.

A comprehensive exam

First, Dr. Seddon, General Dentist, as part of his comprehensive exam, will take photos, models, and bite records. He will go over the information and provide you with an objective assessment of your teeth, surrounding bone, functional bite, and smile and review the risk associated with any of these categories.

If we are changing the bite, then we will often fabricate a removable device known as a Kois deprogrammer, which helps to set your jaw in the ideal position and it can help to diagnose any functional issues you may be having.

A New Bite record

Once your bite is considered deprogrammed (which can take a few weeks of wearing the deprogrammer), then we will bring you back to take a new bite record that records your bite in the ideal position. From there we can build the new teeth into this ideal bite by way of crowns and veneers.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

We usually do this over 2-4 appointments to prepare the teeth, cement the crowns and veneers, and then adjust the teeth to fit comfortably in your mouth. Oftentimes, we will finish with a night guard to help in protecting the beautiful porcelain work that the dental lab has created.
Dr. Seddon, General Dentist, has taken countless continuing education programs with leaders in the field including Dr. Mike Racich, Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry, American Equilibration Society, and the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics. Recently, Dr. Seddon, General Dentist, earned the status of Mentor with the prestigious Kois Institute in Seattle, Washington.

If you’re looking for an immediate long-term solution for your worn or broken-down teeth, then this cosmetic dentistry procedure is the best way to go!

Feel free to contact our office to make an appointment with our treatment coordinator. She will guide you through the process and discuss the many options to consider, prior to your comprehensive exam with Dr. Seddon, General Dentist.

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