Smile Makeover

Digital Smile Design

Smile Design involves the use of photos, videos, and models to create the ideal smile with respect to size, shape, position, and proportion. It is a very challenging technique that can be done digitally through a computer program, manually through what is called a direct mock-up of the mouth, or through the lab by way of an indirect wax-up done by either Dr. Seddon or a lab technician

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Prepless Veneers

Veneers are a wonderful way to quickly perfect your smile and Dr. Seddon focuses his cosmetic approach on conservative, non-invasive procedures whenever possible. Prepless veneers are a special technique that allows patients to have veneers without the negative aspects of tooth reduction – sensitivity and reduced lifespan of the veneer itself!

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Composite Veneers

When you think about veneers, you are probably referring to porcelain veneers. But did you know that veneers can be placed in the mouth using composite filling material?

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Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Some patients may sometimes have so much destruction to their teeth due to wear, decay, acid erosion, tooth develop issues, or night-time grinding that we would need to look at restoring all of the teeth at once. This can be a fairly involved process, taking several appointments, but similar to the teeth-in-a-day process, it can again be life-changing

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