Oral-Systemic Link

PeriodontistThe oral-systemic link is hard to discount with periodontal disease being associated with other diseases.

Heart Disease

Research indicates that there is an association between gum disease and heart disease, and while the relationship hasn’t yet been proven, studies show there is a link between periodontitis and heart disease. If you already have a heart condition, periodontitis can exacerbate the problem.


Diabetics run a higher risk when it comes to periodontal disease. Periodontitis is considered a complication of the disease. People who have uncontrolled diabetes are in the high-risk category. A periodontist will tell you that the relationship goes both ways as periodontal disease could make it harder to control blood sugar levels. Severe gum disease can also increase blood sugar putting the diabetic at risk.


Scientists have discovered a relationship between stroke and periodontitis. People who were diagnosed with cerebrovascular ischemia were more likely to suffer from gum disease and other oral infections.


Studies suggest that there is a link between jawbone loss and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can lead to tooth loss as the bone density that supports your teeth may decrease. Ocean Front Dental recommends gum reshaping if you are suffering from osteoporosis or gum disease.

Respiratory Disease

According to Ocean Front Dental, bacteria, plaque, and tartar can travel to the lungs. This can cause pneumonia and other respiratory diseases, especially in patients who suffer from gum disease.


Research indicates that men who have periodontal disease are 49 percent more likely to develop kidney cancer, with 54 percent are more apt to contract pancreatic cancer. 30 percent of men who have gum disease are also more likely to suffer from blood cancer.

Healthy teeth and gums are vital for overall health and with more systemic health research being conducted, there could be additional links discovered in the very near future.

Regular dental checkups can help prevent gum disease including periodontitis. Call or click and schedule an appointment with Ocean Front Dental today.

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