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How to Keep Your Tooth before a Dental Emergency

December 15, 2017

An emergency dentist Vancouver is the best way to take care of your dental emergency. However, you can do some things before you get to the emergency dental clinic Vancouver that just may save your tooth.

Knocked Out Tooth

If you knocked out your adult tooth, it is imperative that you keep it moist. If possible, try to place the tooth back in its socket. Be careful not to touch the root. If it’s impossible to place it back in the socked, place it in between your gums and cheek, in some milk, or you a product that can preserve the tooth. Make sure that you never touch the nerve endings or tissue on the root of the tooth.

If your child knocks out his or her baby tooth, the best thing to do is find it and keep it as moist as possible on your way to the dentist who can determine whether it is just part of the tooth or the whole tooth. If it is the whole tooth, Dr. Seddon, General Dentist, may decide to implant the tooth.

Cracked Tooth

If you have cracked a tooth, rinse your mouth with tepid water and clean the broken tooth. Apply cold compresses to keep the swelling down and get to the emergency dental clinic Vancouver as quickly as possible.

Lip or Tongue Bite

If you bite your lip or tongue, clean and apply a compress on your way to the emergency dental clinic Vancouver. If you are bleeding, in pain or the blood just will not stop, head to the ER.


A painful toothache can be relieved by gently flossing to make sure that there isn’t any food caught between your teeth. If the pain doesn’t subside, rinse your mouth with warm water. Oil of cloves applied with a cotton swap can relieve the pain before you get to your emergency dentist Vancouver. Never use aspirin directly on the tooth or your gums as it can burn your gum tissue.

Something is stuck

If you have an object stuck in your mouth do your best to remove it with dental floss. Never try to remove it with a pointed or sharp instrument. If it won’t budge, head to the emergency dental clinic Vancouver as it could be an infection.

An emergency dentist Vancouver should look at any dental emergency. Call or click today.

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