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Benefits Of Dental Botox(R) Treatments

May 30, 2020

While the cosmetic benefits of Botox therapy are well established, not many are familiar with dental Botox®. Most people seeking Botox® therapy for migraine relief or cosmetic enhancement may not consider visiting a dentist for these treatments. But little do they know that a dentist may just be the ideal practitioner for the job.

Dentists understand the muscle and bone architecture of the face well. With a steep experience in facial muscles and structures, they can achieve more precise and natural-looking results than other Botox® experts.

Here are some reasons why you should consider visiting a dentist for Botox® treatments. 

Botox® For Pain Relief Therapies

While traditional therapies can be effective in treating TMJ dysfunction, including Botox® in your treatment plan can eliminate the pain within days. Botox® injections are administered into the facial muscles to block the transmitters between the motor nerves that stimulate the muscle. This prevents muscle contraction, and as a result, areas that were previously tense from stress or overuse get relief. The dentists know the right injections to relieve the pain caused by TMJ. Moreover, patients suffering from migraines, whether it’s a side effect of TMJ or not, can benefit from Botox® injections to reduce the severity of the pain. 

Botox® For Teeth Grinding Treatment 

Teeth grinding is a common condition in both the young and the old. Whether it occurs during the day or in the night, it’s normally linked to unpleasant health effects. If teeth grinding isn’t attended to, it can damage the teeth and cause unnecessary pain in the facial area. To reduce the severity of teeth grinding, one can seek Botox® treatment. So, how does it work? Botox® injections relax the contributing muscles involved. Once these muscles relax, your teeth grinding symptoms also subside. Since dentists know much about facial anatomy, it’s important to get a diagnosis from them. They know the right muscles to administer Botox® injections, and, therefore, you aren’t prone to the dangers of wrong injections. 

Botox® for Cosmetic Enhancement

Apart from correcting special dental conditions, dentists use Botox® treatment to improve the outward appearance of your smile. While you can get this cosmetic service from a plastic surgeon, the services you get from a dentist are much more precise. As we mentioned earlier, dentists have deep knowledge of your facial anatomy. As such, they’re accurate with their injections, and you’re assured of more natural results. But how is Botox® used for cosmetic enhancement? Small injections of Botox® around the mouth and other parts of the face, relax the tiny facial muscles for some time. This allows the muscles to rest and causes current wrinkles to repair over time. If you’re unhappy with the wrinkles around your mouth, consider visiting a dentist for Botox® injections. 

Whether you’re looking for relief from jaw pain or migraines, or you’re seeking a smoother-looking smile, Botox® injections would be ideal for you. However, make sure you get Botox® treatment from a professional to avoid wrong injections. Since your dentist is a maxilla-facial expert working in a sterilized environment, he’s the right person to administer Botox® injections.

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