Composite Veneers

When you think about veneers, you are probably referring to porcelain veneers. But did you know that veneers can be placed in the mouth using composite filling material? Traditionally, veneers are made in a dental laboratory in a 2-step process where your teeth are prepared and have impressions, which are then sent to the lab for fabrication on a model. Once completed, they are returned to the dentist for cementation about 2 weeks later.

Composite veneers are different in that they are completed all in the same appointment and directly in the mouth. Dr. Seddon will create your smile within several hours. Through his extensive training in Brazil, Dr. Seddon will use multiple shades based on what an actual tooth should look like to create life-like esthetics that mimic nature.

While they do provide an immediate improvement in your smile, they do have a limited lifespan compared to porcelain veneers, as they can have chipping and staining within a fairly short timeframe.

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